The Denver Degenerates is a podcast for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. And by “finer things” I mean talk about sports, gambling, drinking, and any other random topic which may classify one as a Degenerate. The Denver Degenerates is hosted by roommates and longtime friends Gabe and Jason. Gabe is the sultry-voiced Dominican, whose smooth cadence and guidance keep this often misguided ship on its course. When Gabe is not recording podcasts he’s usually vehemently cheering on FC Barcelona by himself in an empty bar, or coaching a local college lacrosse team. Jason is the fiery and emotional side of the Podcast, who seems to find himself in a constant purgatory of crippling pessimism and blind passion. You can find this walking sports almanac in his room studying the latest fantasy sports trends or throwing hot fire down the bowling alley. Ripe with tales of overindulgence, obscure movie references, and unwanted product endorsements, The Denver Degenerates is not your typical podcast.